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Urban Glitch 2001
Urban Glitch 1979
Urban Glitch 1991
Urban Glitch 1985
Grace 2
Surveillance C16
Surveillance Bilora
Surveillance Electric Eye
Surveillance Target Six - 16
Surveillance Yashica
Surveillance: Speed Graphic
Reclaimed Argus
Surveillance: Rolleiflex
Metallic Silent Movie Camera
Metallic Nikon
Steel Jordan
Steel Eumig Camera
Steel Graflex Camera
Steel Bolex Camera
Steel Underwood Typewriter
Steel Lecia Camera
Steel Victor Cine
Clear Blue VW
Clear Red Mini
Clear Blue Motorcycle
Clear Leica Camera
91 Million Popped
Antique Smart Phone Type 1
91 Million Shattered
Glass Eumig Camera
Vintage Zeiss Ikon in Glass
Clear Accordion Camera
Glass Twin Lens Camera
Glass Projector
Glass Silent Movie Camera
Antique Glass Typewriter
Projection Camera
Wheeled Level
Video Telephone
Cash Projector
Phoropter Gas Mask
Open Wheel Saxophone
Wind Powered Bike Type 2
Type to Video Conversion Projector
Super 8 Telephone
Staple Revolver
Lantern Microscope
Printing Press Piano
Brass Locomotive
Wind Powered Bike, Type 1
Track Skate
Hand Crank Trumpet
Red Tattoo Drill
The Hadron Typewriter
Corkscrew Syringe
Antique Camera Phone
Nile Tooth Wrench
Boombox Radio Telescope
Outboard Toaster
Portrait of a Young Woman
The Reasoning Room
Untitled Portrait
Old Man in a Blue Shirt
Secluded in Blue
Waste Away
Flute, Hand and the City at Night
The Lonely Street Musician
The City in Brass
The Golden Violin
The Soft Delicate Moan
The Slow Melodic Lead
The Deep Wandering Groove
The Musicians Hands
Giving It All
Soft Keys
Bottom End
The Horn Begins to Play
Lonely Sax
Haunting Violin
Warm Wind
More Rhythm
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